Years ago, a friend of mine challenged me to see if I could go an entire week without visiting a mall.

I couldn’t.

Admittedly, I don’t really buy all that much.

But I gravitate to malls all the same.

I love the people-watching.  I just park myself at a table in a coffee shop or at the food court and attempt to work, easily and frequently distracted by all the people and my curiosity about what’s in their bags.

Malls are a cultural experience.  The mix of stores, the merchandise in them, even the ways that sales representatives interact with customers all reflect the local culture and provide visitors with insights into it.

Malls are a learning experience.  Figuring out what’s on sale, when, and for how much can help consumers make the most of their funds.

Malls are physical experiences.  Traversing the larger ones provides a great workout.

But most of all, malls are fun.

Through this website, I share my love of malls.  Specifically, I review malls and offer shopping tips so you can make the most of your mall experiences.


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