Real Plaza: Salaverry

20 Sep

Lima, Peru

Quick Review

If the design of Lima, Peru’s Jockey Plaza is inspired by North American malls—large, spacious, with large stores, even more massive anchors, and thousands of parking spaces—the design of Real Plaza Salaverry seems to be inspired by the malls of Asia: petite, space-conscious and built as urban in-fill in an already fully developed area.

Rather than focus horizontally, designers had to focus vertically; the mall has 5 levels compared to two at Jockey Plaza. Each features clusters of stores in one or two categories like fashion, home, shoes, and general merchandise.

The top floor features the food court and a movie theater. An oversized floor-to-ceiling window and high ceilings lend a feeling of spaciousness to the food court that features a nice selection of local and national chains. An ingenious use of levels on the exterior of the building makes entry possible on both lower and upper levels. Clustered near the entrances are major restaurants, including mid-and upper-market restaurants.

The selection of stores is nearly as impressive at Real Plaza: Salaverry as at Jockey Plaza. Despite its petite size, the mall features 3 anchor department stores—Oeschle, Ripley, and Saga Falabella—hypermarket Plaza Vea and home improvement retailer ProMart. It also features the tourist-oriented Kuna alpaca wear shop, international fashion retailers Adolpho Dominquez, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Forever 21, Gap, Hilfiger Denim, Kenneth Cole, LaCoste, Mango, Rosen (mattresses), Swarovski, Zara, and Zara Home, among others. The stores are admittedly smaller than their Jockey Plaza counterparts and the selection in those stores is slightly more “curated” (a euphemism for more limited). Partly as compensation, the stores seem to be more efficiently designed and present a slightly cleaner look than counterparts in other locations.

Plaza Salaverry also features Casa y Ideas, a Chilean-based purveyor of fashionable, fun home goods who was recently kicked out of its Jockey Plaza to make room for the Paris department store and the significantly pricier Crate & Barrel.

For what it’s worth, despite several visits to Jockey Plaza, when the time came to buy, I bought everything at Real Plaza: Salaverry.

In other words, if you’re looking for a pleasant shopping experience with a wide variety of stores, pleasant options for a break or meal, and a few staples in a mall where movement is easy and the crowds a bit more subdued, Real Plaza: Salaverry perfectly meets your needs.

Mall at a Glance

Anchors: Department stores: Oeschle, Ripley, and Saga Falabella. Hypermarket: Plaza Vea. Home improvement: ProMart..

International chains (note that some are Latin American chains): Adolpho Dominquez, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Forever 21, Gap, Hilfiger Denim, Kenneth Cole, Kuna, LaCoste, Mango, Rosen (mattresses), RadioShack (now Radio Shack / Coolbox, because the US chain went bankrupt), Swarovski, Zara, and Zara Home

Variety of merchandise: Outstanding. Broad range of fashion retailers, shoe retailers, and jewelry. Great office supplies and small bookstore. Excellent coverage of home needs: hardware, furniture, and soft-goods—both in specialty retailers and all three department stores and the hypermarket.

Prices   range from the middle to upper-middle ranges.

Special notes:

Like Jockey Plaza, prices might not be as low as one might expect. That’s because most of the retailers are global and many of the local stores sell global brands, prices on many items will be comparable to home (regardless of where home is).

Food court: At the top of the mall, designed to give the most spacious feeling possible.   Great selection of US and local fast-food options, including Popeye’s (chicken), Bembo’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and China Wok (among others).

It looks like it has enough seating but could fill up during peak periods.

Wikipedia page: None.

Website (Spanish only):


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