Bargains at the Mall

5 Nov

Here are some tips for getting the best bargains:

At specialty stores Most national and international specialty stores mark down slow-moving or close-out merchandise once a month, and move it to the sale rack. That rack is usually out of eyesight when you enter the store. To find it, go to the back of the store and look either up or down (but not at eye level) for the word “sale.” Or ask the sales representative.
At department stores Check out the store-brand merchandise. In most cases, it’s manufactured by the same companies making clothes for designers and others. And it’s always sold at an attractive price, and often at better prices than that.(My favorite line in the Macy’s catalog refers to the regular prices for store-brand items, nothing that these prices might not have resulted in actual sales. Also note that I haven’t seen that line in a while.)
More than buying on sale Also:

  • Buy with an “extra savings coupon” (one is included in most of the Macy’s, Sear’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl’s circulars, though JC Penney recently dropped this practice).
  • Look for end-of-season sales (you can tell these by sales prices that are handwritten in ink or stamped over the originally marked prices).
  • For those who insist on designers, sales are harder to come by. Most designer duds are exempted from the coupons issued with sales circulars. Instead, most designers have quarterly or semi-annual sales (for example, Calvin Klein has semi-annual sales on underwear in March and September). End-of-season sales also offer bargain opportunities (because even designer goods go on sale, and often are eligible for additional savings from coupons).

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