Festive Eating at the Food Court

11 Oct

Some of my favorite food court foods:

In the United States In Canada
  • Black pepper chicken from Panda Express.
  • Hot pretzels from Auntie Anne (if you can tolerate the long wait).
  • (until it became politically incorrect) Cottage fries and chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A (which is not open on Sundays).
  • The pasta salads at Everything Yogurt.
  • Free samples from Sarku Japan and the Bourbon Chicken stands.
  • Unique flavors of soft yogurt (like peanut butter and peach) from Freshens.
  • A brochette meal from Grillades Torino.
  • Chicken soup (meal-sized portion) from Thai Express.
  • The burgers at Smart Burger (they’re smart; fries aren’t so shabby either).
  • Coffee from Tim’s (a Canadian staple).
  • Free or $1 coffee—any size specials from McDonald’s (about 1 of these promotions a quarter, usually early February, May, August, and November).
  • Anything from the new food court in the Subway level of the Queen Street Bay.

(A little secret: Although Canadian food courts have more culinary variety than American food courts, nearly all of these outlets are franchised through a single company.)


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